TradingScreen Launches Multi-Asset Class Real-Time TCA

TradingScreen launched its real-time transaction cost analysis (TCA) for multiple asset classes this morning. Click on the link above to read the full announcement.

TradingScreen’s focus has been global and multi-asset class from day one.  Also, TradingScreen has always had a heavy emphasis on providing actionable insights – not just data – in the form of real-time analytics. The new real-time, multi-asset class TCA is a natural overlap of these two strategies, and delivers unique value for TradingScreen’s global client base.

Probably not a surprise given all the focus on TCA lately, but the news is already getting some significant coverage in some of the key media outlets that cover our space, including Advanced TradingAutomated Trader, Forex MangatesFX Week,  Securities Technology Monitor, The Trade News, Wall Street and Technology, Waters (link requires subscription) and others.

Real-time TCA should continue to be a hot topic, as those doing fiduciary foreign exchange trading need to be able to demonstrate value to their clients. These same tools help traders work to execute efficiently in highly fractionalized markets.