TradingScreen's Fatica Discusses FX TCA for Plan Sponsors, Zeno Consulting Partnership

Jon Fatica, Head of Analytics at TradingScreen, discusses the firm’s new partnership with Zeno Consulting to deliver insights on foreign exchange transaction cost analysis to plan sponsor boards. (See the press release on the Zeno Consulting deal on FX TCA for plan sponsors by clicking the link above.)

In addition to the details of the deal, this video covers:

  • How and why plan sponsors boards are taking a more active role in supervising transaction costs, especially around foreign exchange
  • New tools available to help plan sponsors determine whether those conducting fiduciary transactions on their behalf are pursuing best execution
  • Advantages of asset managers and plan sponsor boards having a common analytical framework for tracking transaction costs
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See why real-time, transaction cost analysis for foreign exchange matters and how it can be helping you capture more alpha, and avoid expensive mistakes.