Another Reason TradingScreen Is A Great Place to Work: Learning and Development

One reason that TradingScreen was named a “Great Entrepreneurial Place to Work” by New York Enterprise magazine was our robust learning and development program for staff.

TradingScreen has 200 people, but they are spread out in offices in Chicago, Geneva, Hong Kong, London, New York, Paris, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

With operations that span times zones, currencies, and dozens of audiences in the electronic trading world, it was important for TradingScreen to be a true learning organization to ensure a uniform corporate culture and a high quality of customer support. This required this relatively small company to develop an approach to learning and development that is more robust and flexible than what you might find at several large, publicly traded firms.

TradingScreen is built on the notion of continuous education and collaboration. This ensures that staff are always on top of current product functionality, as well as trends and issues that affect its clients.

TradingScreen achieves this with a community-based training platform that connects subject-matter experts from all corners of the globe, and makes them available to the rest of the organization any time of the day or night. Content includes online quizzes as well as demonstration certification, video content, virtual training room lectures and Q&A and documentation and cheat sheets.

This platform is managed by a full-time in house head of training to ensure that knowledge and skills are communicated throughout the organization, including:

  • Classroom training
  • Webinars
  • At-the-desk activities / tasks / challenges
  • Creating mentoring networks internally
  • Coaching
  • Structured shadowing & observations

The picture above and below is our brand new training room in the New York City office. Similar rooms have been built in our other offices around the globe, and they serve the dual role of staff and client training.