SaaS – Accelerating Change Within Capital Markets

There was an interesting article published on a few days ago about banks collaborating with each other to develop trading software. This isn’t a new concept as open-source initiatives have existed for years across the entire trading life-cycle (calculations, fix messaging, etc.).

TradingScreen has quite a bit of perspective on these types of efforts; the firm has been building software for the Capital Markets industry based upon a Software-as-a-Service architecture since 1999… before the term “SaaS” even existed. TradingScreen provides its clients  with a number of broker-neutral, multi-asset class investment tools and product(s) but, also, a framework to build proprietary analytics and solutions. TradingScreen’s application framework provides access to all back-end services as well as data (i.e. Market Data, Production Data). Additionally TradingScreen provides distribution technology and controls entitlement and access.

In other words, TradingScreen has deep experience connecting sell-side and buy-side institutions to each other, as well as hundreds of exchanges and other liquidity destinations, all over the globe. We have more than 1,500 clients and more than 1,000 connections worldwide.

We believe that banks should look to adopt cloud services to significantly impact not only their bottom line (infrastructure costs) but more importantly to impact the rate of change to their clients. Now, more so than at any time in the history of trading, the rate of regulatory change necessitates a SaaS approach.

Fortunately for brokers, the broker-neutral, multi-asset, low-cost trading network that they desire has already been built. It’s called TradingScreen.