TradingScreen’s Buhannic: Does the world need a combined OMS / EMS? The answer is: “Yes!”

Check out this great editorial from TradingScreen CEO Philippe Buhannic in this month’s Advanced Trading. (Hyperlink is now active with no pay-wall – this will be running in the print edition as well if it’s no longer available online.)

In this article, Philippe lays out the key reasons that the buy-side must adopt a comprehensive solution:

  • The hunt for Alpha
  • The evolution of best execution
  • The “electronification” of OTC asset-classes
  • The need to control costs

He also outlines the key benefits of the combined system:

  • Elimination of high consulting fees
  • Better investment insights
  • Improved views of risk
  • Real-time TCA and the coming master network for the buy side

Take a look and let us know if you would like to learn more.

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