Axa Discusses Why They Went With TradingScreen in FX Week and The Trade

Two great articles in major trades this month covering Axa Investment Managers and TradingScreen:

First,  Axa IM to move FX execution to TradingScreen as it phases out FXall in FX Week quotes Lee Sanders,  London-based head of FX and money markets execution at Axa IM. Lee discusses why AXA IM adopted TradingScreen, citing our ECN, connectivity, order types, and transaction cost analysis (TCA) offering as the key reasons for the move.

“The move is driven purely by efficiency, and what we can get out of an electronic communication network (ECN) that makes us do our job better, with the analysis we can get coming out the other side. And there’s the connectivity – not only is TradingScreen request for quote (RFQ), its request for stream, it’s resting orders, it’s got better non-deliverable forwards functionality, its access to algorithms is much better, and it’s got ongoing transaction cost analysis (TCA) while you’re working an order,” says Sanders.

Click the link above to read the full article (with subscription).

Also, AXA IM’s Derivatives Double Act in The Trade – Derivatives, cites TradingScreen as a go-to system for AXA IM for trading bonds, equities, and listed derivatives. This publication is now on newsstands.

TradingScreen is proud to have further endorsements of our product from one of the biggest and best financial services firms in the market.

UPDATE 1/30/2013: Still more great coverage around TradingScreen at Axa in Waters Online (with trial subscription).