TradingScreen CEO: Asset Classes – What's the Difference?

Philippe Buhannic

TradingScreen CEO Philippe Buhannic is now a featured blogger for Advanced Trading. Philippe will be making regular contributions about the development of electronic trading, and how markets are being shaped by emerging business, technology, and regulatory developments.

In his initial entry, Asset Classes – What’s the Difference? Philippe discusses the reasons why certain asset classes have taken so long to move to a unified trading model.

So, why are fixed income and OTC derivatives the slowest horses across the finish line in the unified trading race? The reasons are conservatism and liquidity.
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Philippe goes on to cover how regulatory, business, and technology changes are pushing fixed income slowly but surely towards electronic trading and away from an RFQ-disclosed markets. He says this will lead to a major discovery: Fixed income liquidity can be collected and processed in an efficient and transparent way while avoiding market impact – just as we see in other asset classes.

Click the link above to read the entire article on the Advanced Trading website.