Video: Econoday’s Mark Rogers and TradingScreen On the US Economy: Week of 04/16/13

TradingScreen and Econoday’s Mark Rogers and Mark Pender provide a look at key economic announcements for the US this week.

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Econoday reports, available on TradingScreen’s award-winning TradeSmart EMS, provide alerts on upcoming economic announcements, and jargon-free analysis of their potential market impact. Mark Rogers, Senior Economist for U.S. markets, has over 19 years of experience with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta as an economist and forecaster for national and regional economies.

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  • Retail Sales Report – “Retail Sales Clearly Disappointed”  0.40
  • Impact of Higher Payroll Taxes – “We will have to wait another month to see what the trend really is.” 1.21
  • Consumer’s Role In The Recovery – “The consumer is clearly key.” 2.06
  • Consumer Sentiment – “Consumers don’t know what to think about the economy.” 2.29
  • Home Price Appreciation Off Track? – “Housing can only go up.” 3:10
  • Is Restrictive Credit Putting The Breaks On Housing Recovery? – “Tight credit is still a problem.” 4.21
  • Money Supply – “Since the past recession, sharp swings in M2 occur due to flight to safety.”  5.35
  • When Will The Fed Start Unwinding – “Debate is heating up on when to start slowing quantitative easing, not ending it.” 7.10
  • Movements in rates? – “Probably 2014 or 2015. Hints later this year.” 7.32
  • Economic Calendar. “The market is probably going to like the CPI number.” 9.05
  • Manufacturing Component – “Manufacturing looks like it could be at risk this month.” 9.45