Video: Mark Rogers on the US Economy — Week of October 15, 2013

Econoday’s Mark Rogers provides a look at key economic announcements for the US this week. Or, at least, that is what he usually does when the US Government isn’t in the midst of a shutdown.

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This week, he’ll be looking for data, as key economic indicators have gone missing due to the shutdown.  This week’s biggest release is likely the Beige Book plus a few non-government indicators.

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  • Shutdown continues: How is this affecting the economic calendar: 0.25
  • Lack of data: How Econoday is adapting. 0.47
  • What are the government websites saying about the revised schedule: “We regret the inconvenience.” 1.30
  • What indicators are not coming this week: Government delays causing delays in private data as well. 2.10
  • Jobless claims classified as essential, but data is suspect: “We are being shortchanged on economic news.” 3.28
  • What indicators can we expect? Regional fed surveys and private releases, and fed beige book. 5.40
  • Market perception with stock versus bond traders: A tale of two markets. 6.40
  • When will the fiscal issues be resolved? “It ain’t over til it’s over.” 8.40
  • The lingering negative impacts of the shutdown: Furloughed workers and credit impacts. 10.20