Video: Weekly Report on US Economy with Econoday’s Rogers and TradingSmarter

Econoday’s Mark Rogers provides a look at key economic announcements for the US this week: A focus on the Consumer and the Fed. News on the consumer is updated with employment, personal income, and motor vehicles sales.  Meanwhile, the Fed gets ready for its December meeting.

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  • Employment report: Still playing catch-up post-shutdown 0.35
  • The labor market is not looking too pretty for November 1.20
  • Unemployment rate expected to drop, but the “why” is more important than the “what” 1.30
  • Personal income report expectations: Expecting a moderate gain 2.25
  • Spending forecast: The consensus number looks “iffy” 3.20
  • PCE Price Index expectations and their impact on tapering 4.40
  • “We are going to end up with year-on-year (core PCE Price Index) numbers far below 2 percent” 6.20
  • “The core portion of the report will allow the Fed to continue quantitative easing” 6.30
  • Unit auto sales expectations for November 6.40
  • “Consumers are very excited about new features on new cars” 7.40
  • ISM Report on Manufacturing: Numbers up, fed by the auto industry 8.10
  • Beige book expectations, and its impact 8.50