Video: Mark Rogers on the US Economy — Week of December 9, 2013

Econoday’s Mark Rogers provides a look at key economic announcements for the US this week: A focus on job growth and its effect on taper talk. Even as healthy numbers have raised taper talk, markets are getting used to the idea of tapering.

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  • Overall perspective from latest revisions to third quarter GDP growth 0.21
  • Demand growth sluggish despite headline GDP 1.40
  • Employment report: jobs surprise on the high side 2.13
  • Boost in jobs a positive for the consumer sector 2.45
  • Consumer sentiment report shows strong improvement 2.56
  • What are the implications on consumer spending moving forward for the holidays? 3.45
  • Read on employment report on income: what does it tell us for November? 4.32
  • Motor vehicle sales should boost consumer durable spending 5.25
  • Thoughts on manufacturing sector 6.00
  • Manufacturers seem optimistic, boost in hiring 6.28
  • Fed tapering: will it happen on December 18th or next year? 7.05
  • Fed basing taper talk discussion in part on a threshold of 6.5 percent unemployment 7.20
  • Low unemployment may boost fears of high wage inflation 8.00
  • Fed “doves” still likely to dominate December 17-18 FOMC 8.40
  • Thoughts on markets’ reactions to Fed taper talk 9.35
  • Fed stays concerned on how well the markets adjust to Fed policy 12.10