Video: Mark Rogers on the US Economy — Week of February 18, 2014

Econoday’s Mark Rogers provides a look at key economic announcements for the US this week. In this segment:  Weather dumps on economic data. The economy has slowed, but how much is weather related?


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  • Winter weather playing an usually big role: retail sales weaker than expected 00:15
  • Unexpectedly large downward revision to December retail sales may mean downward revision to Q4 GDP 00:41
  •  Atypically bad winter weather reduced shopping in January, especially for autos 01:00
  • Weather affecting total industrial production 01:18
  • Janet Yellen gives first public testimony: Bernanke policies likely to continue 01:55
  • Home biller’s index way below expectations 03:10
  • The drop is the largest in the history of the series 03:35
  • Housing in a “soft spot” 04:45
  • Housing numbers could bounce back in Spring, simply because winter numbers were bad 05:30
  • Producer Prices Report is now completely revamped 06:03
  • Traditional PPI focuses on goods and commodities, will now include services and construction 06:31
  • FOMC Minutes: How important is “data dependent” vs. “measured steps?” 9:00
  • Is the slowness just a weather effect? 10:00