Volatility Spikes Push Vendor Uncertainty

The recent market volatility has raised concerns within the financial community on systems capacity, scalability and availability. Most Buy-side clients have outsourced some part, if not all, of their investment and trading workflows to external vendors. The key to ensuring continuity within a trading environment requires fully comprehending the capabilities of these vendors in terms of capacity, scalability and availability.

Successful implementation of a multi-vendor strategy requires understanding and managing the integration points across all applications. Integration risks are single points of failure within the trade life-cycle, for example, ensuring that there is sufficient capacity to support message spikes within the various trading services or for supplying market data to consumers.

Conducting regular capacity reviews of these various services is critical to ensuring the infrastructure is properly load-balanced. An organically developed multi-tenant SaaS solution will automatically scale and reconfigure to increase capacity in production environments. The chosen platform provider must holistically provide a complete trading life cycle solution that will reduce multi-vendor risks and integration points.

Global trading desks that are split across regional trading locations will achieve reduced latency and ultimately better execution quality throughout the region by using a global SaaS platform. Single region solutions are not scalable and ultimately cannot provide adequate trading workflows to support today’s global financial marketplace.

Trading services need to be architected for high-availability to compete in today’s global, continuous and highly interconnected financial markets. Solution providers must be proactive in servicing clients around-the-clock to meet the demands of the global interconnected marketplace by ensuring optimal performance and continuous availability. Simply put, today’s trading systems can never be down.

Broker neutral and independent solution providers are key to ensuring a firm’s trading activity is safeguarded against illegal behavior. Regulators have recently fined firms for misusing highly confidential order and trading information attained from their Buy-side clients. Arguably, broker provided solutions are no longer trustworthy.

Successfully growing and competing in today’s global trading environment requires vendor capacity, scalability and availability

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