Hedge Fund News Wrap: Week Ending 9/18/15

A Big Deal Is Brewin’

(Business Insider) – The beverage of choice for the stock market this week appears to be a frothy, sports-fan favorite, tailgating staple, that is beer of course. News was recently released that Budweiser maker Anheuser-Busch InBev is looking to buy SABMiller, which would create one of the top six corporate takeovers in history. The announcement sparked a 20 percent gain for SABMiller and 6.4 percent for AB InBev, even though no official deal has been put on the table.

What would happen if the acquisition takes place? The merge would create a group worth a cool $275 billion, and the 40 most popular beers by volume would be under one roof. Combined, about $69 billion in annual revenue would be made and 30 percent of global beer sales would be controlled by the new entity.

With the rise of millennials preferring “craft” over “mainstream” brews, it is no surprise that the beer-giants are struggling to keep up.

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Cablevision + Altice = $17.7 Billion Deal

(Washington Post) – Altice, Europe’s most acquisitive cable company, just jumped in the U.S. cable pool by purchasing Cablevision Systems Corp. in a $17.7 billion deal. For a company that doesn’t plan on becoming a big player in the U.S. cable market, according to analysts, they have no created the fourth-largest cable provider in the U.S.

Of course, a ripple effect took place in which Altice jumped 13 percent in Amsterdam and Cablevision gained 16 percent in New York. With the “Netflix generation” in full force, traditional cable bundles are taking a back seat. Despite the trends, Altice has been splurging lately, as they purchased the regional U.S. cable company Suddenlink Communications for $9.1 billion in May to break into the U.S. cable scene.

But what’s in it for us? Possibly a bigger bundle deal, including our cell phones. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal Altice Chief Executive Patrick Drahi said that his vision was to take typical bundle cable services and offer a quadruple play. So our TV, mobile phone, home phone and high-speed broadband would all be tied together, a concept that hasn’t been launch in the U.S. yet. Will the deal harm or help consumers? Time will tell.

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Antero Midstream To Buy Antero Resources Water Business

(Fox Business) – In a $1.05 billion deal, energy company Antero Midstream Partners LP said it has agreed to buy Antero Resources Corp.’s water business. Antero resources is also entitled to two potential $125 million earn out payments at year-end 2019 and 2020, on the pretense that certain fresh water delivery targets are met.

The transaction, set to close Sept. 23, was referred to as a “win-win for both entities,” by Paul Randy, chief executive for both companies.

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