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    Hedgefund News Wrap: Week Ending 01/29/16 


    (Fox Business) – The world’s largest online retailer has displayed not-so-juicy fourth-quarter revenue results and people are not happy. In early trading hours Thursday about $24 billion or so had been added to the company’s market value and by the end of the day poof! It had vanished.

    Responsibility for the decline falls on the company’s total operating expenses surging more than 20 percent to $34.64 billion in the fourth quarter. Factors like adding more services for Prime membership holders, such as one-hour delivery and TV programming, are included in those operating expenses. An analyst with RBC Capital Markets, Mark Mahaney, mentioned that the last three quarters Amazon has exceeding Wall Street’s expectations, but they no have a sour taste in their mouth after yesterday’s performance.

    But of course, not all is lost as net sales rose 21.8 percent $35.75 billion, but missed analysts’ expectations of $35.93 billion. Furthermore, Amazon’s net sales in North America increased 24 percent to $21.5 billion.

    Mad about your losses? Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder and CEO, lost more than $6B yesterday, so cheer up.

    Read the entire article at Fox Business
    More coverage: The New York Times and MarketWatch


    (USA Today) – Xerox has officially announced it will become two publicly traded entities, an $11 billion document technology company based around namesake copier and scanner hardware and a $7 billion provider of services to government and industries such as health care and transportation.

    Following the announcement, shares were up more than 5 percent Friday to $9.74. But, the last year hasn’t been too friendly to Xerox as shares have fallen about 30 percent, but hopefully the split can catapult them back into the green. Piggy backing the split is a three-year restructuring program concentrated on saving $2.4 billion.

    These “significant actions … define the next chapter of our company,” said Chairman and CEO Ursula Burns in a conference call Friday morning from Xerox’s headquarters in Norwalk, Conn.

    Does this story sound familiar? It is, as Hewlett Packard also split into two companies in November 2015. It looks like it’s a hard time for the printer business.

    Read the entire article at USA Today
    More coverage: Bloomberg


    (CNN Money) – Your internal battle of choosing between hauling a cab or spending the extra cash for an Uber are over. Rates for UberX have dropped by 15 percent in New York City today, making it cheaper to ride than a taxi.

    An Uber representative stated that the cut is based on seasonality, apparently ride requests drop in the winter months. But do not fear, this is not a a promotional stunt or marketing scheme, it was implemented along with some other changes. Now drivers have a new hourly guarantee, $30 to $40 an hour, depending on the time of the day.

    But wait wait wait, surge pricing? Yeah, it’s still very much there.

    Read the entire article at CNN Money
    More coverage: Time Money

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    TradingScreen’s Morning Roundup 


    johnson controls




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    TradingScreen News Wrap: Week Ending 01/22/2016 


    (World Economic Forum) – While the northeast United States empties the bread and water shelves at super markets in preparation for a snow storm, world leaders are meeting at the one and only, Davos. The annual World Economic Forum is well underway in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland and news on ‘who said what’ is buzzing around.

    Topics ranging from the future of jobs, to the transformation of energy and even cyber-crime are being dissected by some of the greatest minds. They have stated that robots and artificial intelligence will wipe out 5.1 million jobs by 2020, that is both terrifying and astonishing news.

    If you have an extra $71,000 to spare, the cost of an annual membership and a standard ticket, you too can be discussing crushing topics with Jack Ma, Emma Watson, Kevin Spacey and John Kerry, amongst others luminaries.

    Read the entire article at World Economic Forum
    More coverage: Tech Crunch and Huffington Post Tech


    (CNBC) – General Electric Co., GE, recently reported that industrial profits fell 8 percent in the fourth quarter due to the oil and gas industries. Although, the conglomerate had an earnings growth of $0.52 and revenue of $33.89B for the fourth quarter.

    So what’s to blame for the drop? Industrial segment, operating profit fell 7.8 percent to $5.5B, with more declines across most of its divisions, aside from aviation and transportation. On the flip side, total profit jumped 22 percent to $6.28B from $5.15B.

    Things are definitely shifting at GE, including removing headquarters from New York/Connecticut and transplanting to Boston in order to avoid increased taxes. Furthermore, they have also said they will cut up to 6,500 jobs in Europe, including 765 in France and 1,300 in Switzerland.

    Read the entire article at CNBC
    More coverage: Seeking Alpha and 24/7 Wall Street


    (Bloomberg Business) – American Express is in hot water as it fell the most in almost seven years after fourth-quarter profit declined 38 percent. Want some ice for that burn? Well, the CEO states that $1B in costs would be cut by the end of 2017 in an attempt to get back in the green.

    This year the shares have slid 19 percent, after falling 25 percent in 2015. For the quarter, they reported profit of $899M, 89 cents a share, down from $1.45BB, or $1.39 a share, a year earlier. The company said that earnings were hurt by the strengthening U.S. dollar, pressure on merchant fees and competition.

    “Let me acknowledge that the performance we’re discussing today is not what we or you or I are accustomed to seeing from American Express,” CEO Ken Chenault , said on a conference call. “We recognize that we are operating in a new reality.”

    Read the entire article at Bloomberg Business
    More coverage: Business Insider and The Wall Street Journal

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    TradingScreen’s Morning Roundup 






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    Hedgefund News Wrap: Week Ending 01/15/2016 


    (The Wall Street Journal) – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the fastest-growing major auto maker, fell by nearly 10 percent in Milan on Thursday after two lawsuits were filed. Two dealerships filed lawsuits accusing the car giant of inflating U.S. sales, as if the automobile industry wasn’t already knee-deep in trouble.

    Napleton Automotive Group, operating Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealerships in Illinois and Florida, accused Fiat Chrysler of financially rewarding dealers who falsified their vehicles sales reports in an effort to stick with its volume growth program. Here comes the kicker, Mr. Napleton stated that he was offered $20,000 to falsely report sales of 40 vehicles and rejected the offer, in which he believes the company moved onto other dealers until enough of them agreed.

    Fiat Chrysler said it had not yet received a copy of the suit but “believes the claim is without merit.” It also said it “is confident in the integrity of its business processes and dealer arrangements and intends to defend this action vigorously.”

    Once the truth is revealed, Fiat Chrysler will either be placed into the penalty box with Volkswagen, or their innocence may entice more customers to trust them, time will tell.

    Read the entire article at The Wall Street Journal 
    More coverage: Fox Business and Investor’s Business Daily


    (CNBC) – It looks like Amazon and other retail sluggers are taking their toll on giants like Walmart, as they are set to close 154 stores in the U.S. and 115 spread over Latin America, mostly in Brazil.

    With over 16,000 employees feeling the burn, Wally World said they plan to relocate some employees to nearby locations. Conveniently, more than 95 percent of the stores set to be shut down in the U.S. are within 10 miles of another location, so relocation for workers and accessibility its customers should not be a major issue.

    But Wal-Mart is not down for the count, as 2016 is year of expansion: 50-60 supercenters, 85-95 Neighborhood Markets and 7-10 Sam’s Clubs in the U.S., along with 200-240 stores outside of the U.S., are set to open according to plan.

    Read the entire article at CNBC
    More coverage: Fox News and Chicago Tribune


    (Los Angeles Times) – The U.S. government is silently chanting “vroom vroom” as it proposed spending $4 Billion on self-driving cars.

    The proposal aims to have federal regulators work with auto makers and others to craft policies and rules for vehicles that can operate without a driver at the wheel, but of course it requires congressional approval. The government hopes that the technologies can improve vehicle safety and reduce road fatalities, along with reducing population and more-efficient transportation.

    The monster budget, which plans to fuel the project for 10 years, was announced at the North American International Auto Shows by Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. Foxx stressed that human error can be curbed with new technologies and he estimated that as many as 25,000 deaths could have been avoided last year if driverless technology had been widespread.

    Read the entire article at Los Angeles Times
    More coverage: The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal

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    TradingScreen Milan Buy Side Trading Forum 

    Milan Buy Side Trading Forum

    Thursday, 25th of February 2016
    15:00 – 21:00
    Sheraton Diana Majestic
    Black Label Room
    Viale Piave, 42 - Milano 20129
    R.S.V.P., questions or comments can be directed to:
    Manuela Morales
    Phone: +33 01 53 32 29 50
    E-mail: manuela.morales@tradingscreen.com


    15:00 – Registration
    15:15 – Welcome Speech – TradingScreen
    15:30 – “Electronic Bonds Trading Platforms: The Impossible Trinity of Liquidity”
    Frederic Ponzo, CEO – GreySpark
    16:00 – “What’s Next: Global Market Analysis”
    Dr. Ivo Pezzuto, Global Market Analyst, Professor of Economics and Member of Advisory Boards
    16:30 – “Fixed Income Order and Execution Management System – Are You Ready For MIFID 2?”
    Elie Cezard, Fixed Income Business Manager – TradingScreen
    16:45 – Break
    17:05 – “Asia Corporate Bond Market Overview”
    Steve Edge, CEO and Founder – AsiaTrading
    17:35 – “SGX Bond Pro, Your Gateway To Asian Corporate Bond Trading”
    17:50 – “Scenario 2016: Mercato Obbligazionario Corporate in Italia”
    Maria Grazia Antola, Head of Credit Research – Intesa Sanpaolo
    18:20 – “Corporate Bonds Market Illiquidity and Divestment Processes ”
    Celestino Amore, CEO and Foudner – IlliquidX LLP
    18:50 – “TradeCross Platform Overview”
    Alexandre Carteau, OTC Product Business Manager – TradingScreen
    19:20 – 21:00 – Cocktail and Networking
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    TradingScreen's Morning Roundup 




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    TradingScreen Shortlisted For 19 WSL Institutional Trading Awards 

    TradingScreen has been shortlisted for 19 Wall Street Letter Institutional Trading 2016 awards! 

    WSL Institutional Trading 2016 shortlisted

    TradingScreen is elated to be recognized for its accomplishments. Thank you to our customers and partners for their continued support and patronage.

    If you would like to read more about the awards, please click here.

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    Hedgefund News Wrap: Week Ending 01/08/2016 


    (FOX News) – Your favorite place to grab a burrito the size of newborn is now undergoing a criminal investigation. Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc is now under investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California in conjunction with the Food and Drug Administrations’s Office of Criminal Investigations.

    With a nationwide spotlight on the burrito-giant’s E. coli outbreak, a separate norovirus outbreak in Boston and a falling stock, the company is feeling the heat. Co-CEO and leading scientists have stated that the company will likely never know which ingredient is the culprit, but plan to fully cooperate with the investigation.

    As for now, Chipotle is running full page newspaper ads in major cities apologizing and should be playing “Sorry” by Justin Bieber on repeat in all of it’s stores.

    Read the entire article at Fox News
    More coverage: The Wall Street Journal and U.S. News & World Report


    (Fortune) – If yes, then you aren’t alone. Recently, a Colorado woman has filed a class action lawsuit against FitBit Inc. The woman alleges that her Charge HR device is “wildly inaccurate,” including that false advertising is in play and that its heart rate monitoring technology, PurePulse, is inaccurate.

    Apparently others are claiming that they have experienced inaccuracies as well, but FitBit is calling BS. “We do not believe this case has merit,” Heather Pierce, a spokeswoman for the company, said in an e-mail. “Fitbit stands behind our heart rate technology and strongly disagrees with the statements made in the complaint and plans to vigorously defend the lawsuit.”

    We are only 7 days into the new year and FitBit has struck out twice. Earlier this week, FitBit scoffed at the Apple Watch with the release of it’s smartwatch entitle “blaze,” the name fits as the company tumbled 18% that day and the idea went up in flames.

    As a relatively young company, FitBit’s reaction to these allegations, lawsuit and not-so-good product launch will be a tell-tale sign as to the company’s future.

    Read the entire article at Fortune
    More coverage: BloombergBusiness and Nasdaq


    (CNBC) – It turns our iPhones may just be a fad, as the Japanese financial news service Nikkei reported that the company is expected to reduce the output on its iPhone 6s and 6s plus devices by about 30 percent between January and March. After the news was released on Tuesday, Apple’s stock tumble and closed down over 2 percent at $100.73 on Wednesday.

    Initially, Apple told part makers in Japan and South Korea to maintain production at the same level as last year, but slower sales have made them adjust production. But according to a report, sales are expected to return to normal during Apple’s third quarter, between April and June

    “This is an eye-opening production cut which speaks to the softer demand that Apple has seen with 6S out of the gate,” says Daniel Ives, senior analyst at FBR Capital Markets, said in an interview. “The Street was bracing for a cut, but the magnitude is a bit more worrisome and speaks to a soft March quarter on the horizon.”

    Read the entire article at CNBC
    More coverage: Bloomberg Business and USA Today

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    TradingScreen Mentioned For Customizable Platforms 

    TradingScreen has been mentioned in a Global Trading article, entitled Liquidity And Transparency: Not Necessarily Two Sides Of The Same Coin. We have been recognized for our technology and developed platforms, in which we can tailor-make solutions to fit customers needs.

    If you would like to read the entire article, please click here.

    If you would like to be contacted by the TradingScreen team regarding our solutions, please fill out the form here.



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